The Avengers for the Third Time

And i watched The Avengers for the third time in cinema.

Haha, i just can’t get enough of them. Especially the one with the bow and arrows 😀

The cast of The Avengers, minus Loki (pic source:

So there we were, i drooled rainbow over Renner while Vanny squeaked everytime Hemsworth showed. Just like teenage all over again 😀

After the good times we spent drooling over those earth’s mightiest heroes, Vanny asked me to watch Snow White and The Huntsman eventhough she knew i’m a Twilight-phobia. Luckily i managed to dodge it, just like Captain America said to Loki when they were fighting: “Not this time!”.

Sorry, darl, there’s no way i want to erase the warm & fuzzy feeling of Jeremy Renner fangirling with that brick-faced b*tch (forgive my language, 9gag is my everyday meal, and it’s not exactly english literature there).

Looking good there, y’all! (pic source:

But since she promised to accompany me watching upcoming Renner’s movie, i think i might as well accompany her watching Snow White and The Huntsman.

Brave yourself, me *take a long deep breath*

Oh, and i’d like a shawarma with that, too, okay Van?

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  1. LOL, I just read it. It was like 14 all over again. Ehm… Since you didn’t accompany me watching The Brick-Faced B*tch and My Sturdy Hemsworth, I don’t have to buy you a shawarma, do I?

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