“I’m looking for my soulmate…”

“Then why do you come here?”

“Because I want my soulmate is you…”

The orange-haired bishounen only stared at the blonde angel who floating in front of him. His summer blue eyes tracing the pale translucent skin, the fragile white wings, the deep grey eyes… “But, why…? I mean, I’m not even an angel…”

The angel in front of him smiled softly. “Oh, yes you are.”


“You are an angel. You just can’t remember it,” the blonde angel approached him. His small hand caressed the orange hair gently. “And I can make you remember…” he whispered softly.

The orange-haired felt the soft lips brushed his own lips. A warm sensation spread from his lips down to his whole body, as if all trouble was wiped away from his mind, replaced by a bliss sensation. Then he felt a funny feeling at his back, and the next second, a pair of white wings had spread gracefully from his back.

The blonde angel broke the kiss, beaming fondly at the orange-haired. “I know an angel when I saw one…” then he stretched out his arm. “My soulmate…”

The orange-haired angel smiled and reached the outstretched arm.


Wrote this in July 2004. Found it recently. Decided to post it anyway. Fufufu..

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